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Weebitused has been selling on line since 1998, and has recently made the “full time” move to Etsy. Offering vintage clothing, accessories and shoes that are mainly hand selected estate pieces and from private sellers.

With years of antique mall experience, you will find our shop a wee bit diversified. Our specialty is vintage clothing, particularly lingerie but you will also find fun vintage collectables, clocks, toys and vintage items for your home.

Our “passion” of unique, beautiful lingerie offering you the best lines like Olga, Claire Sandra by Lucie Ann, Intime, Shadowline, Vanity Fair and many others including a personal favorite, Barbizon.

A member of the Vintage Fashion Guild since 2005, We holds to their strict standards and ethics in the description, dating and representation of each item. Each item is hand laundered and hung to dry in the fresh Texas sun before shipping.

In the process of consolidating three antique mall booths to one, much of the inventory will be offered in Weebitused’s etsy shop…watch for new items weekly!

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Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR BEST IN VINTAGEHappy New Year to all of you from all of us at The Best In Vintage!
We especially thank you for all your loyalty and support.. may you all have the most wonderful year ever!

Noble Savage Vintage As Seen On Boardwalk Empire

One of the more obvious perks of operating  Noble Savage Vintage out of NYC is the access to shows and events such as Manhattan Vintage clothing Show, which is just wonderful for connecting small business owners, such as myself to a world of clientele within film and television, theater and fashion as well as some pretty fabulous vinties.  

I have been very fortunate over the past few years to provide quite a few pieces to the team behind Boardwalk Empire.  Mainly tuxedos and waistcoats, which typically are not the easiest pieces to spot on TV.  However,  while watching the Season 4 Premier, I was extremely excited to spot  June Thompson, portrayed by Nisi Sturgis, wearing one of my favorite dresses during the Thompson family dinner scene.  This early 1920’s dress was sold last winter in near mint condition and is fabricated in an incredible forest green crinkled silk.  It’s bodice features a lovely hand done embroidery and there is the cutest little padded heart shaped pocket on the hip.  How thrilling it is to see one of my all time favorite dresses on one of my all time favorite shows!  Hopefully we will spot a few more pieces during Season 4.





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Colorful Vintage Party Dresses and The Little Black Dress

As the end of summer nears I am starting to think about what I will be wearing this season to all of the party’s I hope to be attending, should I wear a Little Black Dress or something with color to show off my tan that I was lucky enough to find the time to achieve this summer while juggling running a flooring store and maintaining my vintage clothing biz , the one thing I do know for sure is that it will definitely be vintage!

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1940’s  Sheer Pink Pinstriped Party Dress

1950’s Mink Trimmed Sharkskin Taffeta Party Dress

Vintage 1950s Little Black Cocktail Party Dress
Vintage 1950’s Little Black Bow Back Cocktail Party Dress
INCREDIBLE 1970’s Rhinestone Trimmed Knit Evening Gown 

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Miriam Haskell – Beauty and Quality in Fashion Jewelry

“Miriam Haskell (July 1, 1899-July 14, 1981) was an American designer of costume jewelry. Like Hattie Carnegie, Haskell founded her own company, one that still bears her name. With her creative partner Frank Hess, she invented affordable pieces of stunning originality from 1920 through the 1950s. Vintage examples and samples of Miriam Haskell designs are now much sought, held in both private collections and museums internationally.”

I recently acquired four pins, numerous earrings and one killer necklace recently at an auction! I’ve been pining for Haskell for a long time, but have never had the opportunity to fulfill my dream until recently.

The beauty of these pieces have not lost their essence as the years have gone by. The attention to details and hand crafted items bear witness to better times when workmanship was appreciated and valued.

Miriam Haskell jewelry was worn for publicity shots, films, and personal use by movies stars Joan Crawford and Lucille Ball, as well as by Gloria Vanderbilt and the Duchess of Windsor. Crawford owned a set of almost every Haskell ever produced, from the 1920s through the 1960s.

Today Miriam Haskell jewellery is highly sought after by costume jewellery enthusiasts, her vintage pieces command high prices and are prized by collectors. Interestingly, her jewellery was very seldom signed before 1950, it was her brother Joseph Haskell who introduced the first regularly signed Miriam Haskell jewellery. For a very short time during the 1940s, a shop in New England did request all pieces they received be signed by Miriam, this signature was a horseshoe-shaped plaque with Miriam Haskell embossed on it. A piece with this signature would indeed be a rare find. However, the signed pieces of this period constituted less than 1% of the early jewellery. Pieces by Robert Clark who designed for her, are exceptionally collectable also.

The Hula Hut & More Store is very proud to present these pieces that are currently being offered in our Ebay store.  The top two pieces sold within hours of their listing providing a testament to the quest to acquire her pieces and designs.

The Hula Hut & More Store will be adding more Haskell pieces soon.  Check back and view the wonderful and gorgeous necklace along with several pairs of earrings.

Summer Ball Gown

LOVE this 80s Laura Ashley dress, I’ve had 3 or 4 over the past few years in different prints and always
buy them when I can.

Polonaise Ballgown by Laura Ashley c1985.

Made of crisp cotton, this dress can be machine washed, scrunched up in a suitcase or stuffed in a carrier bag and
comes out looking like the bees knees with very little ACTUAL ironing needed, just the hem and the bodice frill really.
This print has tropical stargazer liliies and multicoloured carnations on a background covered in spots and dashes.
The sweep is a massive 368 inches, it can be worn with or without petticoats.
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