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“Something Old, Something New” Vintage Brides

Remember the old days when the Sunday newspapers published big pictures and detailed descriptions of the bride’s dress in the marriage announcement? I miss those descriptions, I didn’t really care who got married that week, I just loved to read about the exquisite shimmering satin and delicate lace.
I was looking through my old magazines and found a “THE BRIDES MAGAZINE” from autumn 1945. NOW, that was a time for brides – all those G.I.’s coming home from the war overseas. My gosh the bridal industry was booming! (not to mention the boom that followed – the baby boom LOL)

Today savvy brides are searching for that perfect vintage wedding gown for their special day. We toast you, brides!

Below are some of the dresses featured in this magazine for the autumn brides of 1945. You vintage fashionistas will no doubt recognize many of the stores and designers here. Enjoy!


Muriel’s Dress was made from his silk parachute.






AdWed1945AWhite rayon brocade gown exclusive with B. Altmans Fifth Ave New York. A Billy Gordon original at $325


















AdWed1945BJAY THORPE Original. Gown with lovely basque bodice outlined with Point d’Venise lace encrusted with pearls.














AdWed1945GMy personal favorite a “Legend of Loveliness….” Moyen age gown in soft sheen of rayon jersey, shimmered with appliqued leaves. Saks Fifth Avenue.

Simply elegant tea length Wedding Dress

This is Mike Benet at his best

With a less is more design, no sleeves, no shoulders

no lace just one small adornment to compete with the bride


simple Rose

Wedding Dreams ready to be made

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Pinehaven2 on a vintage hunt

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