Vintage Pretties

Yvonne of Vintage Pretties has been selling on line since 1998, offering vintage clothing, accessories and shoes that are mainly hand selected estate pieces. We are extremely selective to only offer you the best, and specialize in our "passion" of unique, beautiful lingerie offering you the best lines like Olga, Claire Sandra by Lucie Ann, Intime, Shadowline, Vanity Fair and many others including a personal favorite, Barbizon.

A member of the Vintage Fashion Guild since 2005, Yvonne holds to their strict standards and ethics in the description, dating and representation of each item. Each item is hand laundered and hung to dry in the fresh Texas sun before shipping.

Item of the month:

Vintage sheer Nightgown Double Chiffon Tent Kayser Lace Accents XS S Full sweep

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