– Fashion and Designer Info

Our Members have done amazing interviews with designers, relatives of designers and hours of research on specific companies, clothing and fashion item history.

Please enjoy their work below, we’re sure you will find it interesting, helpful and hopefully you will learn something you didn’t already know.

All research and Interviews are extremely time consuming and the property solely of each author. We do ask that you respect our work, and ask express permission from the author to re-print anything you see here

* Louise of CatwalkCreative blogged about designer Caroline Charles, who was a leading figure in the invasion of the USA youth market by London designers.Her design signature is modern shapes and sophisticated, grown-up glamour, and she has many famous singers and actors in her resume’
Caroline Charles

*Louise of CatwalkCreative wrote a wonderful history of designer Darnell of London who designed many glamorous stage costumes, including the gown Shirley Bassey wore to sing “Goldfinger”. Read more about him and see pictures of many of the gowns he designed in Louise’s blog:
Darnell of London on Catwalk Threads

*Tracy of wickedladycollectables wrote this fascinating blog about Norman Hartnell, Royal Couturier with many beautiful pictures of his work for Royalty and the Queen!
Norman Hartnell: Royal Couturier

*Louise of Catwalk Creative wrote a fascinating blog about Fernanda Gattinoni, the Italian designer from her early career as a stylinst in 1924 to the company today, enjoy it at
Fernanda Gattinoni: A Name To Be Reckoned With

*Tracy of WickedLady Collectibles wrote a wonderful blog about Horrockses
Fashions, one of the greatest British brands with lots of fabulous pictures of their lines through the years, starting in the 1940s ~ Enjoy it here:

Horrockses Fashions

Horrockses Fashions

Horrockses Fashions

*Wonderful History of Designer Arthur Weiss by Catwalk Creative:
Arthur Weiss Originals For Afternoon Wear

*An interview with Robert McCardell, brother of Claire McCardell, sportswear designer of the ages written by Marge Leyden of Love Train Vintage:
Claire McCardell, Sportswear Designer

*The History Of Olga ~ Olga Nightgowns and Lingerie. written by VintagePretties:
There Really Is An Olga


Friend of BIV Denise of The Parlour Floor wrote a wonderful blog on the History of Cufflinks, complete with photo examples, Please enjoy her interesting blog here:

Cufflinks Then and Now

*Sarah Coventry Jewelry, A brief Company History, written by VintagePretties:
Sarah’s Soaring Seventies

Interesting Fashion History:

* Tracy of Wickedlady Collectibles makes Fashion History fascinating in her blog about Austerity Rules, the taboos of design and materials in Britian during World War II.
Austerity Rules Part 1

Austerity Rules Part 2

Fashion Items

A Guide to Shoe Styles
by Tracy of WickedLady Collectables

The Macclesfield Tie
by Louise of Catwalk Creative


Mark Shaw Vintage Fashion Photography
by Yvonne of Vintage Pretties


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