Colorful Vintage Party Dresses and The Little Black Dress

As the end of summer nears I am starting to think about what I will be wearing this season to all of the party’s I hope to be attending, should I wear a Little Black Dress or something with color to show off my tan that I was lucky enough to find the time to achieve this summer while juggling running a flooring store and maintaining my vintage clothing biz , the one thing I do know for sure is that it will definitely be vintage!

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1940’s  Sheer Pink Pinstriped Party Dress

1950’s Mink Trimmed Sharkskin Taffeta Party Dress

Vintage 1950s Little Black Cocktail Party Dress
Vintage 1950’s Little Black Bow Back Cocktail Party Dress
INCREDIBLE 1970’s Rhinestone Trimmed Knit Evening Gown 

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