Proudly Wearing Grandma’s Frumpy Old Vintage House Dress

If you’ve ever thumbed through old family photos of our grandmothers and great grandmothers looking at what they were wearing you might be thinking that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a frumpy old house dress, but the way our bodies and fashion styles have evolved what may have looked frumpy back then on our grandmothers suddenly doesn’t look so frumpy now……

Pairing these cute little frocks up with a wide belt, a sweater thrown over the shoulders and some casual summer wedges and your sure to be a head turner!

Below picture is of my family in Belmar, New Jersey in 1949

And the beautiful woman standing second from the right with her arms crossed is my grandmother Nicolina, the woman standing in the back by the door is my great-grandmother Giovanna, and as you can see most of the women are wearing house-dresses, boy would I love to raid those closets now if they were all still alive, you do know that old school Italians never throw anything away, never!

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A 1940’s advertisement for day dresses

Deadstock Vintage 40’s Day House Dress XXL

Vintage 40s Pink/White Striped House Dress
Vintage 40’s 50’s Pastel Striped Housedress

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