What to Wear for the 4th of July

July 4th is just around the corner, and this year falls on a Wednesday.  What will you wear?  Many of us will be heading out after work to catch the fireworks and may be looking for a few practical yet stylish ideas.  Whether you are planning an evening  picnic or are booking a boat for your firework viewing,  nothing could be more perfect than Vintage attire.  Here are a few comfy and classic suggestions available from Noble Savage Vintage on Ruby Lane or Etsy.

One of my favorite Forties dresses and a nice wearable size to boot.  This Classic blue rayon dress is trimmed in a white contrasted print.  All you will need to complete your look are a few fun, red accessories.  

1940’s Navy Rayon with Contrast Print

This classic 1960’s Shift dress in an attention grabbing red knit is both chic and comfortable. Just add a few blue and white bangles and a pair of flip flops and run.

1960’s Red Knit Dress Set

The White knit 1960’s dress features a row of rainbow colored zippers, including red and blue.  It’s a great size and silhouette and will be a  favorite choice all Summer long.

1960’s Sacony Rainbow Zipper Dress

One of the most practical purses I have ever seen, this smart Mod beauty features a matching umbrella/ parasol. Whether you need to shade yourself from the sun or protect yourself from those sudden Summer showers, you will treasure this purse for years to come.

1960’s Red Patent Vinyl Purse with Matching Umbrella/ Parasol

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