Pearls for June Birthdays June Brides or Just Because You Love Pearls in Any Form

If you were born in June you have a truly beautiful birthstone ~ the pearl. They are the oldest gem known to man, and the only gem made by an animal. Pearls are symbols of purity, perfection, elegance and affluence.

Once a rare and highly prized gem, a symbol of power and most expensive since first documented in 2300 BC, they are now relatively inexpensive and available to anyone. We can find them not only in jewelry but accessories and even accents to clothing.

Fortunately for pearl lovers, there are not only natural pearls from oyster beds, but saltwater or freshwater pearls, cultured pearls “invented” in 1907, and those grown in pearl farms. And of course faux pearls made of glass or beads.

Our Best In Vintage members have some fabulous pearl, cultured pearl and even faux pearl offerings for you from jewelry to clothing and of course accessories. We hope you love pearls as much as we do, even if they aren’t your birthstone!

Vintage choker necklace faux pearls & clasp set @henrietta’s buttons

Sequin and Faux Pearl Clutch Bag c.1960 @CatwalkCreative

ca. Early 1920’s Cotton Voile Blouse with faux pearl buttons @NobleSavage vintage

Faux pearl woven statement necklace or collar @vintageoutlet

Frame bag with plastic pearls, Auroras & Gold Bugle Beads @WickedLady Collectables

Vintage Art Deco Bird Brooch faux pearl rhinestone @vintageoutlet

Vintage Pink bead cluster faux Pearl Clip Earrings @VintageOutlet

Vintage 1940s Creamy Tan Faux Pearl Collar smoky bugle beads

Vtg 80s Ivory satin wedding dressfaux pearls med @Pinehaven2

80’s “Slouchy” Angora Sweater faux pearl accent @The Only Hula Hut

50s RED Silver Beaded Sweater Beads @BombshellFrocks

50s Black Velvet Skirt Pearl Accent Pockets @BettesBargains


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