Mad for Plaid and Gingham

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner.  Many of us are on a budget and are on the look out for fun and affordable outings with our families and friends.  One of my all time favorite spring and summer activities is taking a picnic basket to the park and enjoying the day with my boyfriend and friends.  Want to make the day even more special, why not plan a Mad Men styled picnic?  Fashions from the late 1950s to the early 1960’s have become so fashionable it can be tricky to tell the vintage from the modern.

Here are a few ideas from my Noble Savage Vintage shop on Etsy.

Pair this Betty Lee blouse cut in a classic Dan River plaid fabric with a pair of capris, for a chic look.  Don’t forget your head scarf and bike!

If you are more of a dress gal, try this wonderful plaid day dress in brown and shades of grey.  Wear it to work with flats, run your errands in keds.  No need to worry about grass stains.

Not everyone loves pink, but I sure do.  If your looking for a day dress with a little less fullness at the hips, you will love this silhouette.  It’s a little bit earlier than the others, but is also fabricated in a fabulous Dan River yarn dye plaid.  This Hattie Leeds Spring Summer dress is one of my favorites.

You will be the queen of cute in the large scale gingham plaid dress with ric rac trim.  Pair it with a pair of keds or better yet, ruby red slippers.

See you at the park!

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