April Showers Bring May Flowers

May Flowers have been the inspiration for many fabulous floral prints throughout time.  Print trends come and go, but the flower is never out of style.  These cheerful prints make us smile, even on a gloomy day.    Noble Savage Vintage is offering a lovely variety of Floral Dresses in our shops on Ruby Lane and on Etsy.  Let’s take a stroll through the past and find a vintage dress perfect for today.

Imagine yourself walking across a field of flowers, a gentle breeze rustling the soft taffeta.  Now imagine yourself on the dance floor, dancing the charleston.  There are Jazz Age and Gatsby parties popping up around the world and 1920’s fashion is hot, hot, hot.  Grab this fabulous frock before it’s gone.

Moving on to the 1930’s and the use of zippers as a fashion element.  A little bit of practicality, blends with a touch of sexy, and a dab of sweetness.  This is a beautiful floral print on a blue silky rayon that caresses the curves.  So easy to wear, just zip in and run!  My favorite detail is that fabulous puffed sleeve cap.

Moving on to the 1940’s and The cotton floral house, or day dress.  This dress is way to pretty to be cooped up inside.  Check out the eye catching red buttons and the adorable ric rac trim.  Get ready for a little daytime swing!

Alright you Mad Men fans.  This is the Classic late 1950’s to early 1960’s cotton day dress cut in the fabulous and feminine New Look silhouette.  I may be pushing it a bit calling this a floral print, but it seems to be blue flowers, or possibly berries of even bubbles.  Regardless, it is a fantastic vintage dress as fresh and fashionable today as the day it was made.

I hope you have enjoyed out trip through the vintage flower garden.  These are just a small selection of what we are offering in our shops on Ruby Lane and Etsy.

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