Schott Leather Motorcycle Jackets Four Generations Strong


James Dean wore his constantly. Marlon Brando made them famous in 1954 when he wore one in the movie "The Wild One".. Schott leather jackets.

Two sons of a Russian immigrant living in New York, Irving and Jack Schott began making raincoats in 1913, selling them on the street door to door in Manhattan and they were a huge hit.

Irving Schott was Inspired by his two favorite things, the Perfecto Cigar and motorcycles, and he forever changed attire to wear riding motorcycles, and named his first leather jacket with zippers the Perfecto in 1928, selling them to a Harley Davidson dealership. The zippered jacket was a huge hit and a brilliant concept.

The Perfecto was once again resurrected in popularity in the 70s and 80s by punk rockers.

Blondie (Deborah Harry), Joan Jett were women leading the pack in leather~

as well as groups like the Ramones.

Still an American Classic style, still produced by the third and fourth generation of the Schott family, in the same factory and with many of the same vintage sewing machines, the Schott Perfecto is proudly made in the USA.


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