Purple Is Always In Style. Vintage Purple Accessories & Clothing From Bette be Good Vintage

Do you like the color purple?

It appears to always make a comeback in vintage fashion.

Whether it is the Victorian royal purple or the 1980s brights.

In the 1950s and 60s it was a very popular color either in lavenders or vivid retro purple.

Here are a few vintage  accessories and clothing from my Bette be Good Vintage shop.

70s bra panties set seventies purple green print small70s vintage purple print bra set

dark purple woven nylon vintage 60s pocketbook bettebegoodvintagevintage 60s dark purple woven handbag

vintage 50s 60 shoes plum lavender purple heels shoes spikes stilettosvintage 50s plum purple spike shoes

vintage 1950s retro purple shoes spikes stilettos pointy bettebegoodvintage50s vintage grape purple spike high heels



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  1. Thank you to all that liked my post about purple vintage fashion.

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