VintagePretties Anniversary Thank You Sale

After seven years on ebay, In 2005 I made a difficult but serious business decision to leave. It was very hard, mainly due to my special regular customers.

Always loving RubyLane for shopping, their vintage clothing lane was relatively new, and looked promising. So I took the leap, and never regretted it.

Now all these years later, I realized my RubyLane customers are absolutely wonderful and I love the site. Still no regrets.

In celebration of our anniversary, from now till the end of the month of February, we are offering our customers 10% off any purchase.

Just enter “anniversary” on your purchase order, and I’ll be happy to discount your order before you check out. (shipping excluded)

We added many new items and there are more new vintage lingerie and collectable items to choose from coming soon!

To all my wonderful past customers there, I appreciate you all, and sincerely thank you for your support, enabling me to continue to stay on RubyLane.

Thanks and hugs to all ~ yvonne

VintagePretties on RubyLane

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