Vintage Cowboy Boots Shoes A Western Look With The Ease Of A Slip On

Cowboy boots shoes came out in the late 80’s and early 90’s. They were huge and coincided the huge rise in popularity of country line dancing. Most shoe companies were offering at least one cowboy boot shoe style but some of the most notable companies with the boot shoe in their line was Nine West, Guess, Circle S, and Zodiac but as I said they can be found for almost every brand.

size 8.5 M vtg 80s black NINE WEST cowboy boots shoes

They allowed all the city girls the look of wearing a western cowboy boot with out all of the hassle of dealing with putting on and taking off a traditional tall pull on boot.

size 7.5 vtg 80s tan nubuck leather cowboy boots shoes

The best part was with your jeans on no one knew you were cheating. It pretty much looked like you had real boots on.

size 7 vtg 80s blue leather GUESS cowboy boots shoes

They were most commonly in loafer form with elastic gores to hold them snug to the foot, and usually had a 1.5 inch to 2.5 inch cuban heel,

sz 8.5 M vtg 80s black woven leather cowboy boots shoes

but they were also offered in flat varieties.


size 9 M vtg 80s brown woven leather cowboy boots shoes

Along with the classic slip on loafer style you also saw then in mule form.

6.5 M vintage 90s black leather pointy toe fringe cowboy boots mules shoes

fashion often comes back in 20 year cycles and these are no exception, they are on top of the pile in the fashion world again.

One Response

  1. I still have some of my vintage cowboy style booties in my attic.
    If only they still fit.

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