Classic Ladies Vintage Flat Loafers

Ladies loafers is a very classic style. How can you go wrong with a shoe that does not require you to tie or buckle it in any way.

sz 8.5 M vtg 80s silver snake skin penny loafers shoes

While being a staple to the shoe industry this style had a couple of definite peaks. They were big in the late 50’s into the 60’s, then came back for another climb to the top in the 80’s and once again they are in demand today.

sz 6 B vtg 60s brown leather penny loafers flats shoes

They came in many different basic styles but a couple of the basics were the penny loafer, as seen above.

sz 6.5 M vtg 80s tan AIGNER kilted tassel loafers shoes

The tassel loafers. Sometimes just tasselled and sometimes they were kilted and tasselled as the ones above.

size 6 ladies vtg 60s brown leather loafers shoes NOS

Heck a lot of mens loafers were easy to wear as unisex. In fact in the 80’s Ralph Lauren ladies loafers and oxfords were very often very masculine in design.

7-7.5 vtg 80s tan TROTTERS wedge tassel loafers shoes

And of course your plain kilted loafer.

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