Raise Your Hands for Vintage Gloves.

Remember the days of vintage gloves and being a lady?

That day is not over when you wear vintage gloves.  You can still find wonderful leather or fabric gloves in bright colors, whites or neutrals.  And all at affordable prices.

Not only are vintage gloves in style, they help protect your hands from the elements.

Most of these vintage gloves were made in the USA or France and have survived till today due to their workmanship. Be unique, wear vintage gloves.

Vintage gloves also make nice gifts for the vintage lover. Either to wear or display.

Stop by Bettes Bargains to shop today. Vintage gloves and more.

vintage 30s leather tan gloves unworn
Vintage 1930s unworn tan leather gloves


dark red elbow evening opera gloves vintage 80s
Vintage 1980s long red evening gloves
vintage 40s gloves rayon wrist
Vintage 40s garnet wrist gloves

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