Vintage Holiday Wear, Little Black Dress, Sequins, Studs, Leather and more

It’s almost that time of year for some major Holiday Celebrating, November brings us Thanksgiving and Black Friday  which is the biggest shopping time of the year but for us Vintage Clothing Fashionista’s it is the time of year to showcase our fancy vintage cocktail party dresses, fur coats, shoes, lingerie and suits so you can start shopping for your Vintage Holiday wardrobe now !

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Click on each picture to go directly to the item!

If you’ve been searching for that perfect “Little Black  or Flashy Cocktail Party Dress”   your search has ended right here!

Vintage 50’s Black Rayon w/Sheer Chiffon Cocktail Party Dress

Vintage 60’s Gray Crepe w/Silver Sequins Cocktail Party Dress

Vintage 50’s Black Velvet Studded Bodice Cocktail Party Dress
Incredible Vintage SILVER FOX Evening Stole
Vintage 80's Red Fringed Cocktail Party Shimmy Dress
SEXY Vintage 80’s Deep Plunge Purple Leather Dress by North Beach Leather
Click on the below picture to start shopping now……………

2 Responses

  1. all are beautiful, but that red is HOT!

  2. Thank you! It’s quite a number and would make a perfect New Years Eve Dress!

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