The Fabulous Forties. Vintage that is always in style.

When asked what is my favorite year for vintage clothing I have to say the fabulous 1940s.  The vintage fashions, clothing,  accessories, movies and of course the music are my passion!

The forties 1940s fashions never go out of style in my mind.

Nothing is more flattering than a curvy Hollywood style 40s vintage suit or jacket. The Joan Crawford look makes everyone have the perfect hour glass figure. And the swing dresses of the era with their flirty skirts and shoulder pads are such fun.

Here are few of my favorites from Bettes Bargains Vintage Clothing.

curvy 40s fitted jacket crawford1940s vintage striped curvy jacket


olive green vintage suede large clutch bag purse1940s olive green suede clutch

vintage brown felt tilt doll hat 40s mink trim1940s brown tilt “doll” hat


vintage 40s snakeskin hollywood war year shoesvintage 40s War year shoes peep toe

vintage fortoes 40s black leather nun granny lace ixford shoes walkingBlack leather vintage oxford shoes with designs


Wear Vintage! Be unique and always in Style


2 Responses

  1. These are truly fabulous. Great blog with Luscious Items.

  2. Amazing, presentation literally brings you back in time.

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