Vintage Nightgowns With Dramatic Hemlines to Sweep Him Off His Feet

A vintage nightgown with a full, huge hemline is absolutely the ultimate to make you feel like a princess or a glamorous Hollywood movie star ~ where they stood in the doorway in the old movies and made a grand entrance into a room with their fabulous nightgown trailing behind them.

Sadly, those days are gone. Manufacturer’s no long make sweeping hemlines on lingerie.. but the good part is they are still available in vintage nightgowns. If you prefer a huge sweeping double chiffon or just a simple sweep in satin, it will be sure to knock him off his feet as you surprise him with your own dramatic entrance!

We have these available right now at

and even more coming soon ~

Vintage Nightgown Undercover Wear Full Sweep Lace Inset TALL s

Double Chiffon Sweeping Red Vintage Nightgown with gold embroidery

Vintage Nightgown Victoria's Secret White Satin Full Sweep Lacy S

Vintage Nightgown Intime Black Double Chiffon Full Sweep goddess lingerie

For sweepy nightgowns, please visit my shop on RubyLane ~


2 Responses

  1. Love the fashion from the past, and the nightgowns with their full skirts are just lovely.

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