Fabulous Vintage Furs for Fall & Winter!!

Here we are in Fall. Some of us are seeing cool weather and some of us have already seen snow. Buy yourself a fashhionable vintage fur that will keep you warm and looking looking lovely. The big fur collars from the 60s and 70s look gorgeous when framing the face or when worn down.

The craftsmanship of vintage furs is excellent and the linings are beautifully detailed. When you buy a fur pick a vintage style you like.

Take care of your fur by storing it in a cool area in a breathable garment bag, have it furrier cleaned and glazed once a year, and your fur will last a lifetime. Take a look at these fabulous vintage furs, available at www.specialneedzvintage.com.

Gorgeous 60s Mink Fur Stroller

Soft 70s Pearl Mink Fur Stroller

Vtg Mink & Fox Fur Swing Coat

60s Mahogany Mink Fur Jacket

Please visit www.specialneedzvintage.com to purchase a fabulous vintage fur!


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