The Original Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have been around since the 40’s. Every twenty or so years, they come back as in the 70’s the 90’s and are back again in modern fashion but the 40’s were the originals and very likely the most loved.
They were usually an open toe open back shoe. Some times they had the ankle wrapping strap.

size 7 vintage 40s gold woven fabric platform ankle-strap peep-toe shoes VLV

And other times they were sling backs. These were the two most popular shapes of patform pumps in the 40’s.
They were often lavishly embellished with rhinestones or painted studs.

8 B vintage 40s purple suede leather studded platform slingback peep-toe shoes

Along with being offered in the standard high heel pump style, they were often offered with a wedge heel.

size 7 vintage 40s leather platform wedge slingback peep-toe shoes

Along with all the embellishments it was also very common for them to have lots of cut-outs to help decorate them.

7 M vintage 40s blue suede leather cut-out platform ankle strap peep-toe shoes

We have lots and lots of vintage shoes from all eras and in all sizes.

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