Hawaiian Clothing for the Kids

Hawaiian fashion never goes out of style and in many milder climates It’s worn year round.  If you’re going to the Hawaiian islands, or on a tropical cruise and have outfitted the adults, don’t forget to shop for the kids.

Here at the Hula Hut, you’ll find assorted fashions for the toddlers & tikes.  More than just t-shirts, we carry various children’s clothing items from boys shorts & shirts to “Onsies” for the little one.  Easy care, and washable while adding a bright splash of color to your children’s wardrobe.

Starting off, we have a vibrant print sundress done is shades of lavender, purple and pink from Nikky sized 12 months.

For you little guy, a bright red shirt done in the pictorial island print & accented with Hibiscus & leis in a 2T

Slacks are always a staple of any wardrobe, and these colorful pink pants are perfect for young young lady

For the young man, how about these bright orange & yellow board shorts

We offer a varied and wide array of genuine Hawaiian clothing both for adults and children as well as hats & shoes.  Check us out and let the Hula Hut be your one stop shopping for you and your family.


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