The Perfect Palette for your Fall Vintage Wardrobe

Fall is here at last!  Time to update your wardrobe with the lovely and rich palette of the season. In my days as a fashion designer,the first step in creating a seasonal line was a visit to Pantone’s color forecast.  Here are a few items from Noble Savage Vintage on Ruby Lane and Etsy which complement this Fall’s lovely palette…

This classic wool crepe suit is a great size and the color sits right in between coffee liquor and nougat making it an obvious choice for the season.

1950’s Sacony Wool Crepe Suit

One of my personal favorites. So bold and rich in Phlox velveteen.

1940’s Purple Velveteen Suit

A classic and cozy knit dress in cedar.  Pair it with bold statement gold or bronze jewelry and a leopard bag.

1960’s Olive Jantzen Knit Dress

A fabulous 1960’s faux fur leopard purse. Mixing the neutral tones of Nougut and Coffee Liquor this animal friendly purse is always in fashion. The question is not where can I wear this, but what will this not be fabulous with.

1960’s Faux Fur Leopard Purse

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