Vintage 1960s and 70s handbags and purses from a former handbag collector.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be called upon to “clean out” a handbag collectors home. The previous owner obviously was in love with quality handbags and pocketbooks. I found closet after closet of beautiful 1960s and 1970s handbags along with some matching pumps. Handbags for all seasons were lovingly tucked way.

These quality vintage 60 and 70s bags were almost all never used and still in their protective plastic.

Below are a few from Bettes Bargains Vintage shop just waiting to find another vintage bag collector to treasure them as much as the previous owner had.

60s yellow,blue,orange circle small handbag vintagevintage 1960s vibrant circle design handbag

rust plum color black leaf design keely bag 70s vintagefall vintage 1970s color block Kelly style handbag

sketchbook flowers vintage 70s purse and shoes setSketchbook flowers 1970s vintage purse and matching shoes. Coming soon.



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