Fall Fur Fashion Trend – Warm and Cuddly Casual or Elegant

Fur is back on the runways…….Big Time~!

Why is fur back on the runway? The fact is that it simply just never went away!

Fur has always been popular and it made the Fall/ Winter 2011/2012 trend again because top designers love it for the luxury it turns every item into. However, instead of the total fur look, stick to fur details instead such as fur collars, scarfs and stoles that can be worn many different ways while adding a touch of glamor to your trendy look!

Visit our store at www.bombshellfrocks.com

Gorgeous 1960’s Gray Wool Jack Feit Suit

With Curly Persian Lamb Fur Collar and Cuff Trim

Vintage 60s Mad Men Style

Double Breasted Wool Coat with Mink Collar

Vintage 30’s Stone Marten Sable Scarf  Stole Wrap

With heads/tails & feet w/claws

Vintage 30’s Russian Squirrel Scarf Stole Wrap

With heads, tails & feet

Click on the below picture to shop now……………

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