Recycle Vintage Buttons into Fun Jewelry Bracelets

Continuing on the theme of vintage buttons, we’re showing the bracelets made of vintage buttons. If you are like me and most other vintage clothing addicts you have a large stash of buttons hoarded away. The bracelets or other jewelry is a fun way to use and show off some of those buttons. These are sewn onto wide elastic bands, so they will fit various arm sizes.

Whether you choose to use glass, plastic, Bakelite, celluloid or metal buttons you can produce any number of great looking pieces. Selecting the colors and sizes is not only fun but challenging to find just the right combinations to stack. Adding in a few beads or small charms also gives the bracelet some identity or theme.

A bracelet made of Aqua, Black & White Vintage buttons

A bracelet made of vintage buttons from Navy Uniforms and nautical themed charms & buttonsA bracelet made of vintage glass buttons in Red, Black & White - one with a Scotty Dog

A Selection of More Button Bracelets


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  1. wow what super bracelets 🙂

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