The many moods and styles of vintage 1960s dresses. From fitted to full skirted.

1960 vintage dresses shapes and styles

Early 1960s styles of dresses

                             The early 1960s had many varied styles and shapes of dresses.  From figure hugging to full skirted. The above photo illustrates these different styles. From a 1963 sewing book.

A few examples of these vintage shapes ans styles of 1960 dresses from the early part of the era can be found in my Bettes Bargains Vintage shop on artfire.

vintage shealth dress Leslie Fay 60s

60s vintage bronze sheath dress by Leslie Fay

                                    Classic Jackie style vintage sheath dress with jeweled buttons

1960s early cotton plaid dress full skirt

Early 1960s full skirted vintage plaid dress

A fun younger full skirted vintage dress  in cotton candy pink plaid cotton.

fitted waistband dress 60s rose color

1960s vintage rose colored silk dress with wide waist band

                                        A fancy cocktail party time waist defining dress in rose colored silk with a front pleat.

Many more dresses can be found in my vintage clothing  shop.


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