Fun Print Vintage 60s Dresses For the Office or Your Inner Hippie

The 60s were such a fun fashion time! Prints from paisley to flowers, looser fitting hippie clothes to wiggle dresses. Lots of wonderful colors from soft pastels to wild neon colors. It was a time that encouraged you to do your own thing, make your own style. We have a great variety fabulous prints for you to find your own style at
Born Too Late

Vintage 1960s Smart Setters Floral Turquoise Dress B36 W28 H36 NWT

Vintage 1960s Diana Dean Blue Gold Paisley Hostess Gown B36 W38 H40

Vintage 1960s Novelty Print Pinwheel Dress B36 W40 H44 NWT

Vintage 1960s Pink White Stripe Candy Dress B34 W26 H36

All these and more available at
Born Too Late on Artfire


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