Vintage Summer Whites

Summer has officially begun and ahead lies long, sultry, steamy, hot n’ lazy summer days.

With the long dog days of summer now upon us, breaking out in cool summer whites can help to bring the temps down just a bit.   What better way to stand out, look and feel cool, calm and delightful than when decked out in summer whites? From bright brilliant white to antique white, ivory, pearl, cream, tan and everything in between, cool  shades of white run the gamut.  All the subtle shades of white come to life in the summer sun.

Whether paired with a vintage faux pearl hand bag, to a pair of simply retro bright white resin earrings or even a white raffia handbag with deep chocolate lucite handles for striking contrast, white always draws attention! So for your next Wedding, Garden Party, Afternoon Tea, or Barbeque, stand head and shoulders above all the rest in the fabulous shades of white!

White Raffia Bag by Accento Craft USA

Visit The Parlour Floor for more Summer White ideas!


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