Floaty Femine Chiffon Vintage Lingerie a Style for Everyone

Vintage nylon chiffon is the ultimate in silky sheerness, absolutely heavenly against your skin.

Ultra soft, ultra glamorous. Double layers of chiffon provide just a hint of modesty while still being feminine and luxurious..and of course just a wee bit sexy.

Chiffon can actually be demure when layered and there’s a style for every preference~

This one a bit elegant with gold embroidered detail:

Vintage Nightgown Double chiffon Red Lily of France Gold Flowers S Tall

Very Stevie Nicks with the hanky hemline and doubled for a bit of modesty:

Bewitching Black Double Chiffon Vintage Hanky Hem Nightgown S M

lacy, frilly and floaty, very Hollywood glam:

Vintage Chiffon Nightgown Peignoir Set S in baby blue

Or demure with just a touch of chiffon:

Nightgown Babydoll Black Chiffon mini Tunic top L shorty nightgown

all these an more vintage chiffon items available at


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  1. A fabulous collection. Tweeted, to share with my followers.

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