Time For a Pretty and Trendy Vintage Hat

What does the Kentucky Derby, Mad Men and the Royal Wedding all have in common? Wonderful hats!

Watching the Royal Wedding, after Kate Middleton’s dress the hats were most talked about! Some beautiful, some outlandish.

This weekend in the States its time for Kentucky Derby, and we get to show off our best hats!

Hats are rapidly becoming trendy again, even influenced by the series Mad Men. There’s a shape or style to flatter every face and reflect your personality!
Whether you like a larger brim, a little clip hat or just a Mad Men pill box, we know you will love wearing a vintage hat!

Here is just a sample of many styles available at

Born Too Late

Vintage 1950s Cherry Black Lacquered Straw Platter Hat

Vintage 1960s Straw Pillbox Hat in Pimento

Vintage 1960s Brown Lancaster Wool Hat w Grosgrain Ribbon & Feather

Vintage 1950s Cream Black Velvet Buttons Clip Hat Black Net Size 22


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