Papillon – Vintage Beautiful Butterflies to Welcome Spring

You can say it in French ~ “Papillon” which certainly makes it sound even more beautiful, but just the word Butterfly in English makes you think of sky blue days, hyacinths and crocus sprouting from the ground and warmer Spring weather to welcome the Butterflies from their cocoons.

If you love butterflies, you won’t be able to resist some of these darling vintage items featuring butterflies:

Vintage Kitchen cutie Butterfly sun dress Large @Pinehaven2

Porcelain Butterfly Necklace Painted porcelain @VintageOutlet


Vintage 70s Rhinestone Butterfly Big Sunglasses Glasses @ehappy vintage

Kissing Butterflies Vintage 80's Elastic Cinch Belt Size Medium @CatwalkCreative

Vintage 60s Whimsey Net Veil Blue Velvet Butterfly @VintagePretties

YBC ~ Butterfly print flip flop sandals ~ 9.5 @TheHulaHut


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