Suits for ALL Occasions!

While in the past decades, suits were a staple for the working girl, today it’s a different story. Suits can & do go anywhere. They’re great travel pieces with versatility. If you have a three-piece suit, with both a skirt & pants it would be ideal to pack if you’re planning a cruise. Basically they are a staple that can be dressed up or down, and mixed with other pieces that you’ve brought along.

If you want to go “glam” suits can give you a tuxedo look, or you can go with a highly decorated beaded & sequined suit with a full length skirt.

And…suits don’t have to have a traditional jacket. Some incorporate a “Poncho” look, while others take on a more dramatic look with a shawl. No matter how you cut it, suits are great little additions to your wardrobe. Scorpio Vintage is proud to present these suits for your pleasure!

Vintage 80s Touch of PINK Black Wool Skirt Suit, LARGE

Vintage 80s BALOONS Silk Scarf Print SKIRT SUIT, S

Vintage 70s PASTEL PLAID Maxi SKIRT& Fringed STOLE XS

VTG 80s CLAUDE BERT PARIS, Green Quilted Eve Suit 16/46


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