Top it with a New Vintage Blouse

Tops are so essential to any wardrobe. You will find so many classic, timeless blouses in vintage and cute tops that are trendy again. There’s a style or design for everyone and when you wear vintage, rarely will you see the same one on your friend or co-worker!

Versatile, you can tuck them in, slip a blazer over it, add a belt, a little vest or just a cute necklace, and each time the blouse has a completely different appearance.

Here are just a few cute tops to stretch your wardrobe and create new outfits from old. All these and more vintage tops available at
Vintage Outlet

Darling Dolly Vintage 60s secretary top blouse pink stripe Embroidered Collar

Exquisite Halston Silky vintage 80s Blouse 4 XS S Gorgeous salmon color

Vintage Mexican Blouse M L Beautiful teal Hand Embroidery Peasant Hippie

Saks Sheer Chiffon print Pussy Bow Secretary Blouse S small

Vintage Outlet

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