A tale of two dresses!

What can be better than a LBD – a LONG Black dress of course! Here we have TWO figure-hugging dresses from opposite ends of the fashion world – the only common denominator is the necessary requirement to have the BODY to wear them!

The first dress in from Frank Usher, basically Englands equivalent to Victor Costa! Turning out good quality versions/copies of dresses from the Paris runways – this stunning dress is totally covered in black sequins and black beads (the silver effect in the image is from the camera flash on the sequins!). It is a head-turning dress not just because of the shimmer and light it will give off, but from the way it will most certainly accentuate that fabulous body inside it!

Frank Usher beaded dress


The second dress is from the upper end of the fashion scale – a fabulously simple yet incredibly stunning dress by ISSEY MIYAKE, the famous avant garde Japanese designer! Very similar in appearance, this dress relies solely on its simplicity to achieve that same head-turning moment as you and THAT BODY walk by!! In a very thin, figure-hugging lightweight ribbed wool this dress clings and moulds in such a way you would be in serious danger of losing every one of your girl-friends!



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