Understated Elegance! St. John’s Santana Knits!

St. John Knits! In order to stretch her own limited wardrobe budget, Marie St. John made her first pure wool knit dress on a flatbed knitting machine in 1962.  From then it was only up, with her fabulous Santana knits.  Her then-fiancé and salesman Bob Gray pitched her designs to department stores and got an order for 84 dresses on his first try. St. John Knits took off quickly, appealing mostly to a clientele of mature career women who preferred a classic look.  Expensive yes, but they last for years, are noted for their ease in taveling, and can blocked several sizes up or down.  Here are few that are currently listed at Scorpio Vintage

all these and more at Scorpio Vintage


3 Responses

  1. What beautiful knitwear! Just fabulous!

  2. Am looking for a pair of BLACK Santana capri or full length pants….size 6

    • Hi Loretta, thank you for looking at our blog. Any of our members could have them, but i might suggest Scorpio Vintage, her link is on on the left side bar or on our members directory page, Carolyn carries alot of beautiful Santana items. You could also post a request on our BestIn Vintage facebook page for others to see and perhaps help you. Thank you again! yvonne

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