Is blue the new black?

Regardless of the era, or whether it’s fall or winter, blue or blue with background prints will always be a great alternative to severe black. They’re classic without being staid, gloomy or severe. Here are just a few examples that are available to you from Love Train Vintage

Vintage 1940s Lora Lenox Sculptured Charm Navy Crepe
and Satin Cocktail Dress w Cummerbund Satin Belt

Vintage 1940s Navy Blue and White
Polka Dot Rayon Dress BG36 W30 H40

Vintage 1960s NWT Tally-Ho White,
Blue & Black Floral Print Dress B42 W36 H40

Vintage 1960s Mad Men Classic Navy Blue Dress and Coat
Ensemble B38 W34 H38

Vintage 1970s doing 1940s Novelty Print Dress
Petite B34 W30 H46


One Response

  1. Navy has always been black for me

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